Workshop to Optimize the Entry of Community Service Performance Data

In order to increase the performance rank of research and community services of University of Brawijaya, Institute for Research and Community Services University of Brawijaya through Information and Data Subsection held “Workshop to Optimize the Entry of Community Service Performance Data” on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 at Auditorium Room, Gedung Layanan Bersama 10th floor.

Head of LPPM UB, Dr. Bambang Susilo, informed some criteria to support research and community service performance rank, such as the support from the university in allocating internal funding for research and community services and the support form faculty in giving data.

Regarding the criteria, Brawijaya University Rector, Prof. Nuhfil Hanani, stated that UB has added the allocation on research and community services through internal funding as a trigger to upgrade the university rank in publication and innovation which is considered low. Besides, the availability of data is another low aspect to be increased. Hopefully, he added, if the data collection system for research and community service is good, the data is ready every time we need it, without still asking and looking for it. Therefore, for BPPM, please optimize the available data and make it similar through SIPP application.

In this workshop, the agenda was to describe some strategy and performance rating of research and community services by Kemenristekdikti reviewers in UB, namely Prof. Lukman Hakim (research), and Tatiek Kurniawan, MP (community services). From the explanation, it can be concluded that besides the active role of LPPM, we also need active participation from all data providers in the university, primarily, BPPM, PSIK, business entities, etc in supporting data fulfillment and the related document.