Workshop on Student Study Service for Regional Boundaries

In order to support the empowerment of Student Study Service in the regional boundaries, to build left, leading, and outermost area of Indonesia, and to participate in community services in ASEAN regional, The Center of Student Study Service – Institute for Research and Community Services, University of Brawijaya held a “Workshop on Student Study Service for Regional Boundaries” on Monday, August 27th, 2018 at Meeting Room, Rectorate Building 8th floor.

Brawijaya University Rector, Prof. Nuhfil Hanani, in opening the workshop stated that student study service is important in motivating students to love villages, in giving others in religious charities to build the nation, and as stated by Head of LPPM UB, Dr. Bambang Susilo: in accelerating the growth of villages. Therefore, he would add the university budget allocation for research and community services. Besides, Coordinator of Student Study Service for Regional Boundaries in Brawijaya University, Agung Sugeng Widodo, Ph.D., stressed that the workshop is an effort to synergize the activities and collaboration from various parties in conducting thematic student study service in regional boundaries.

The workshop was attended by 1) Head of sub the Directorate of Community Empowerment, Directorate General of Research and Development, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Suwitno, who presented a material titled: The Scheme of Research and Community Service Reinforcement in National Boundaries, 2) Director of Community Services of Gadjah Mada University, Prof. Irfan Dwidya Prijambada, who presented “UGM Experience in Planning, Implementing and Developing National Student Study Service”, 3) Head of Student Study Service – Institute for Research and Community Services, Hasanudin University, Dr. Hasrullah: “Regional and International Student Study Service”, 4) Head of ICRS State University in East Java, Dr. Sukendah, who presented a material titled “A Collaboration between State University in East Java in the Contribution Reinforcement for National Development” and 5) Head of Doktor Mengabdi (a Program for Ph.D. lecturers to conduct community services), Dr. Susinggih Wijana, with a material titled “Doktor Mengabdi in supporting the Implementation Reinforcement of Thematic Student Study Service in National Boundaries”.

After sharing session, the agenda was continued by a focus group discussion related to student study service in regional boundaries, guided by Sri Suhartini, Ph.D. One of the summaries declared from the result of the discussion was the urgency to have a collaboration with universities in the regional boundaries as the backbone to support the social mapping.

Hopefully, there would be a further forum to discuss the follow up of the declared summaries with the support of collaboration community service program between academicians, entrepreneurs, community, and government.