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To be a reputable international institution as the pioneer in the development and dissemination of science and technology, especially in supporting local-valued resources industry for sustainable community’s welfare


  1. Conduct research to produce valued science & technology and improve people’s welfare
  2. Develop community services to increase the university role as an agent of renewal, a pioneer and disseminator of science
  3. Establish quality assurance activities for research and community service quality in the context of developing sustainable science and technology based on local excellence
  4. Organize national and international collaborations in research and community service for utilizing local values-based resources


  • Develop the healthy management of research and community services in the University autonomous organizational structure;
  • Develop the quality and the quantity of research and community services to support vision achievements that cover national areas, improve the academic atmospheres, internationalization program and national competitiveness;
  • Enhance the research and community services focused on the developments, utilization, problem solving especially the problem related to human and natural resources, technology, culture, society and health;
  • Provide community services to enhance the relevance of education, research and community services;
  • Prepare the leadership qualities through entrepreneurships and collaboration of society’s potency.