To be an international standard institution which actively participates in developing this country through activities of research and community service.


  1. To develop a science-and-technology-based institution of research and community services;
  2. To develop the relevance of research and community services to enhance the quality of education, industrial needs, and human resources;
  3. To develop the excellent researchers and to improve Brawijaya University’s role in research activities, student’ creativity programs, and international-level publication activities;
  4. To improve the acquisition of The Intellectual Property Rights;
  5. To support rural industrialization process through the development of science and technology;
  6. To enhance the quality and the identity of future leaders;
  7. To empower the society through educational activities, poverty alleviation programs, and research.


  • To develop the healthy management of research and community services in the University autonomous organizational structure;
  • To develop the quality and the quantity of research and community services to support vision achievements that cover national areas, improve the academic atmospheres, internationalization program and national competitiveness;
  • To enhance the research and community services focused on the developments, utilization, problem solving especially the problem related to human and natural resources, technology, culture, society and health;
  • To provide community services to enhance the relevance of education, research and community services;
  • To prepare the leadership qualities through entrepreneurships and collaboration of society’s potency.