Head of IRCS UB, Professor Luchman Hakim stated that as an initial step in organizing the students to build one thousand villages in a program called MMD 1000, IRCS UB invited the Ministry of Village, Local Development Planning Agency, Local and Provincial Government of East Java to support the implementation of student community service. On Thursday, January 4th, they gathered in Coordination and Synchronization to Organise Students in Building 1000 Villages.

University of Brawijaya in prioritizing the three pillars for higher education through its duties and functions committed to participate in building the nation, initially from the bottom, villages. The plan was to mobilize the human resources with the potency and networks.

The theme for the program was Sustainable Village. It was in line with the village SDGs program which was implemented synergistically by the students, lecturers, and stakeholders.

Much Fachri, MSi, the Director of Village and Rural Advocacy and Cooperation, Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration presented Village SDGs in the online meeting. Further, Budi Sarwoto, MM, the Head of East Java Community and Village Empowerment, shared material titled Village Empowerment in East Java. Last but not least, Dr Sujarwo, the head of the program, explained the MMD Program details.