Socialization of Loreal-UNESCO For Women In Science 2018

On Tuesday, April 5th, 2018, the Chairman of Indonesia National Commission for UNESCO (KNIU) the Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia (Kemdikbud), Prof. Arief Rachman, met Rector of Brawijaya University, Prof. Moh. Bisri, to ask his support in the socialization of Loreal-Unesco for Women in Science Program for women researchers in University of Brawijaya. In response to the request, Rector together with Head of LPPM UB stated his positive support to research activities, especially for women researchers. Through the Center of Women Studies, he explained, the university support to women researchers increasingly shows powerful influence.

The meeting then continued by a socialization to 50 researchers from East Java. To the participants, Prof. Arief Rachman explained that UNESCO is responsible for reducing the number of poverty through science. However, UNESCO is deeply concerned about the fact that the most of world researchers are male. Therefore, there must be a program to boost the number of women researchers. LOREAL-UNESCO for Women in Science Program is a fellowship program which gives a power to women researchers under the age of 40 to be proposed to compete with the world researchers. In fact, there are 5 Indonesian women researchers who have been winning in the world.

As stated by Ms. Zanita Arifin as the Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility of PT. L’Oreal Indonesia, together with the representative of the board of jury, Dr. Neni Sintawardani, as the main researcher from LIPI, this program is a fellowship science program which has been running in 15 years since 2004. Every year, the program gives the award to Indonesian women who have significantly contributed to science. This program gives the chance to talented young women Indonesian researchers to join the competition in 4 fields: social sciences, material sciences, engineering and mathematics. In national level, there will be 4 winners who get fellowship funding at the amount of 90 million rupiahs for each. Further, the winners will get the chance to join the same fellowship at international level.

For women researchers, please register to . The registration of national fellowship program starts from April 20th, 2018 up to Sept 9th, 2018.