Socialization of Research Group Formation Initiation

In developing and empowering the culture to do research in a group, Institute for Research and Community Services University of Brawijaya (LPPM UB) initiated the growth of new research group in the University of Brawijaya. Therefore, it was required to hold socialization about the research group formation initiation by inviting representative lecturers from every faculty in the University of Brawijaya. The socialization was held on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 at Atria Hotel, Malang.

Head of LPPM UB, Dr. Bambang Susilo hoped that in the future the research output will be more from the research group than the individual researcher. From mono discipline research would be handled by faculty and LPPM UB for multi-discipline. Representing the head of the committee, Dr. Maftuch, stated 3 important points in establishing a research group, namely intuitional aspect, research & development, and objective.  

The important agenda in this event were 1) Acceleration Formation of RIP UB trough Research Group Development by Head of Research Division, Sugiono PhD, 2) The Urgency and Benefit of Establishing Research Group for Researchers by Entomologist and Researcher from Sugar Cane Protection at P3GI, Dendi Juliadi, MSI and Lesson Learning in Establishing Research Group by Head of ASMAT,  Akhmad Sabarudin, Dr.Sc.

After the socialization, the participant would be invited in the next workshop to form a research group by the title “Workshop on Establishing Research Group”. Hopefully, the participants could convey their interest through online questioner and asked the expert/other personnel in the same research interest to join and actively participate in the next workshop.