After three years of implementation, Universitas Brawijaya is committed to continuing the Professor and Doctoral Grant research scheme. This research was conducted to ensure the achievement of the goals of higher education which plays a strategic role in educating the nation’s life, advancing science, technology, art, and culture. By applying the values ​​of the humanities as well as civilization, and sustainably empowering the Indonesian nation, it is hoped that this grant will be able to produce quality research-based innovations, to improve academic quality that can make a real contribution to increasing the nation’s competitiveness. Besides, hopefully, the grant could achieve the measurement target and the objective of the UB Research Masterplan which rises the productivity research improvement of UB professors and doctors.

The management of Professor and Doctoral Grants was originally under the auspices of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. In connection with the transformation of Universitas Brawijaya into PTNBH, the grant is under the auspices of the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation. However, the management of this grant program is still carried out by the faculty with the role of LPPM as a quality guarantor, and the quality of the research system through the Research and Service Information System (SIPP).

The grant quality assurance process includes a review, which is the responsibility of LPPM to determine the effectiveness and sustainability of the grant program. As a legal basis for the implementation of this program, Rector’s Regulation Number 39 of 2022 has been prepared, concerning the Professor and Doctoral Research Grant Program, which was socialized on Wednesday (6/4) in front of the Deans and BPPM of the Faculty at Universitas Brawijaya.

Head of LPPM UB, Prof. Luchman Hakim, SSi., M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D., in his opening remarks said that the Rector Regulation of the Professor and Doctoral Research Grant Program is an improvement from the existing regulations. “The spirit of LPPM as a peer is to jointly improve the quality of implementation, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of the launched grants,” he said.

The guide for the grant program is conveyed by the Head of IRCS UB Research Center, Prof. Dr. Sc. Asep Awaludin Prihanto, SPi., MP. He also explained in detail the criteria for the proposer, mandatory outputs, implementation time, budget and quota, financing components, and the grant schedule for Professors, Head Doctoral Lectors, and Head Non-Lecturer Doctorates.

This activity is an initial soft launch for leaders, BPPM, and operators in the faculty, to be able to immediately set the grant schedule. Furthermore, they were asked to continue the socialization in their faculties according to the grant program guidelines and presentations that have been presented.