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Repeating the success of the “Doktor Mengabdi” Program in developing the potency of campus circles and national frontiers through community service programs, IRCS UB launched a new program entitled Community Service Grant (PMS) on Thursday (2/6).

IRCS UB always develops strategic service themes and spreads in all recognized areas. So later, it will become UB’s flagship program which is known to the public. In the transition from BLU to PTNBH, UB is required to show a community service actual work. In this PMS grant, LPPM UB provides a role model for community service intervention in a biosphere reserve area.

“By still appreciating the proposed community service outside the biosphere reserve area, we are introducing this biosphere reserve to work together in an area. The goal is to be able to write a comprehensive report by involving across faculties,” said the Head of IRCS UB, Prof. Luchman Hakim.

The concept of this biosphere reserve was introduced by UNESCO by choosing the target area around the Arjuno Bromo Tengger and Semeru Biosphere Reserve (TNBTS), and the Blambangan Raya (Banyuwangi) biosphere reserve covering the Regencies and Cities of Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang, and Banyuwangi.

This biosphere concept is expected to increase UB’s international recognition in global development programs through community service activities, in collaboration with Local (Local Government), National (Ministry and National Institutions), and Global (UNESCO) Partners.

Furthermore, the Head of IRCS UB Community Service Center, Dr. Susinggih Wijana explained, that to strengthen independent villages with a sustainable economy, the topics of service activities in this PMS grant include developing village tourism and SMEs clusters, empowering BUMDES, and the priority village products.

Broadly speaking, the community service program initiated through the Strategic Community Service Program aims to help realize self-reliance and community welfare based on optimizing community potential, so that they can utilize and optimize the potential of existing resources by increasing international collaboration networks between institutions.

IRCS UB calls the submission of the proposals at from 2 June -13 June 2022. Hopefully, this scheme can increase the number of UB lecturers’ participation in carrying out community service. [lia/retna]

Socialization of Strategic Community Service Grant

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