We are glad to inform you that our university will conduct The 1St International Conference on Research in Science and Technology and The 1St International Conference on Research in Social Sciences and Humanities” on :

Days/Date  : Tuesday – Wednesday/ 27 – 28 October 2020.
Time            : 07.30 WIB
Media          : Webinar
Theme         : The 1St ICORST 2020: “Enhancing Research and Innovations for Sustainable Development towards Society 5.0”. and The 1St ICORSH 2020: “Building human resources through Research and innovations towards Society 5.0”.
url                : http://icor-st.unpam.ac.id/ http://icor-sh.unpam.ac.id/
contact        : icor@unpam.ac.id

Accordingly, we are herewith to offer of cooperation with your institution to engage with the afore-mentioned conferences as a co-host. Attached are a draft of collaboration and its scheme for your consideration. We would appreciate your willingness, time, and energy to join us to make the conferences a great success. Thank you very much, indeed.

More information download here and here