Brawijaya University School for Village as the Trainer of Village Cadre

In his visit in Malang last week, Head of Expert Team for Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, Prof. Haryono Suyono together with Dr. Mulyono D. Prawiro got an invitation got an invitation to join a meeting with Head of LPPM University of Brawijaya, Dr. Bambang Susilo complete with his secretary and full staffs, who have various knowledge background and broad field experience.

Haryono Suyono, in Jakarta, Tuesday (3/13/2018) stated that the warm meeting discussed the detailed experience of LPPM UB in developing The Three Pillars of Higher Education in research and community services. Further, they plan to highly improve the centers for community development pilot project in various villages in Indonesia.

In the last research study, it was founded research result that used by many communities as development references in Indonesia. Hopefully, in the future study, he said, it would be developed a various model from the research, which is more systematic than other places to complete our understanding.

So that it would be used as the very useful reference to build a village community which more focus on future perspective. To the members of IRCS, he also presented the 7 priority programs of Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, which recently take the Minister’s high attention (Eko Purto Sandjojo).  The programs, he explained, are to build the economic infrastructure in the village such as village road, bridge, retention basin, drainage and irrigation facilities, social and health infrastructures including Early Childhood Education (PAUD), Integrated Service Post (Posyandu), Well, clean water installation and Public bathing, washing and toilet (MCK).

 “Also with four added programs such as Village Region Primary Product (Prukades), Village Enterprises (BUMDes), Retention Basin (Embung Desa) and Sport Facilities” he said to the members of IRCS. He added that this year it is also conducted labor intensive in order to accelerate the poverty alleviation and decrease stunting which still frequently happened in many areas in Indonesia.

In the warm meeting, ICRS also shared its experience in holding a school for the village (Sekolah Desa) that given to Jombang Regency for some periods in order to help the officers in managing village fund which in three years distributed abundantly to the village.

Through Sekolah Desa, the participants would be given the debriefing to be able to manage village fund well and based on the principal rules. Therefore, the goal of the fund to decrease the number of poverty and empower community would be accurate and successful. –MALANG

March 14th,  2018 4:37 GMT+7

Writer: Budi Seno P Santo

Editor: Silli Melanovi