Coordination meeting between LPPM UB, BPP, Center of Study and Services

LPPM UB held a Coordination Meeting between LPPM UB, BPP (The Agency for Research and Community Service), Center of Study and Services on Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, in order to improve the team synergy between BPP, Center of Study and Services. They were three main pillars in managing research and community services together with LPPM UB,

In this meeting, Secretary of LPPM UB, Dr. Maftuch, as the representative of Head of LPPM, stated 5 problems to be solved together with the participants. He mentioned that the problems are: 1) the mechanism of research and community service activities, 2) cooperation formation, 3)the empowerment of organization through research mutual standard, 4) Administration system, 5) the evaluation of institution achievement including branding, ranking, and accreditation of Brawijaya University.

Responding to the problems, the participants gave criticism and idea to increase the team synergy. As the follow-up, there would be a further meeting with Head of LPPM UB.