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Each division in Institute of Research and Community Services – University of Brawijaya (LPPM – UB) has research and service center that functionally formed based on the requirement. Every center has its head.  Head of Functional Position Group for Research coordinates each research center, while Head of Functional Position Group for Communty Services coordinates each service center.

Service Center

1. Service Center for Intermediate Technology Development

Intermediate Technology Development Service Center, University of Brawijaya is an institution which takes a role in supporting the development of technology innovation & creativity for community, society of academicians and SME in various fields such as food, non-food and services.

The Field of Study:

        1. Dissemination of Intermediate Technology
        2. Intermediate Technology Services and Cooperation

2.  Service Center for Community, Development, and Empowerment (P4M)

P4M gives services in:

        1. Simbermas (The Synergy of Community Empowerment; to develop community potention with cooperation with local government for improving the ability and capability of community.
        2. Business Incubator
        3. Development Program for Rural Financial (P2KP) Grameen Bank System, which helps housewife to have side business in order to increase rural economy.

3. Service Center for Data Consultation and Processing

Service Center for Data Consultation and Processing of Brawijaya University has the objectives to:

        1. Provide services for need of survey, consultation, data analysis, system design analysis, and information system for stakeholders with integrated utilization of expert resources in University of Brawijaya.
        2. Give consultation and training of electronic and integrated data processing
        3. Give information service of cooperation between UB and stakeholders
        4. Give information service of UB potention and recources

4.   Service Center for Student Study Service

Service Center for Student Study Service has the objectives to:

        1. Serve Student Study Service Program done by students from faculties in interdisipliner
        2. Serve the cooperation between LPPM UB with stakeholders (govenrment, private and community) in the development of human resources quality
        3. Coach villages/administrative villages as the tenant of UB and stakeholders for implementing the result of research and science

5.     International Publication Enhancement of Lecturers Scientific Works (PPIKID)

For contributing the improvement of image and rank of Brawijaya University as the World Class University through improvement of number, quality, and quoted index of scintific article of international publication from lecturers and students. The missions of PPIKID are:

        1. To improve the ability and motivation of lecturers and students in publishing scientific article at international journal through training/workshop, consultation, help and incentive provision for article publication
        2. To increase the number of online international scientific journal publication at University of Brawijaya community

6.     Center of Intellectual Property Rights

Center of Intellectual Property Rights, University of Brawijaya handles rights of intellectual property related to property that rise because of human intellectual capacity in the form of discovery in technology, science, art and literature.

Center of Intellectual Property Rights gives services on the following field:

    1. Patent technology;
    2. Brands and Trade Secret:;
    3. Copyright and Industry design;
    4. Layout Design of Integrated Circuit;
    5. Research on  Regional IPRs Potential;
    6. Consultation, Socialization, and IPRs Training;
    7. Registration/Protection of IPRs;
    8. Advocacy of IPRs Case;
    9. Protection of Plant Varieties with Geographical Indication.

7. Pusat Pelayanan Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (P4M)

Program pengembangan dan pemberdayaan masyarakat yang ingin dilakukan oleh P4M UB bertujuan untuk memfasilitasi masyarakat agar dapat membangun dirinya secara mandiri dan mampu mewujudkan berbagai kegiatan yang produktif. Oleh karena itu, sasaran program diarahkan pada kelompok-kelompok masyarakat yang sudah memiliki usaha produktif atau menginisiasi tumbuhnya usaha produktif pada masyarakat yang berpotensi untuk berkembang secara ekonomi. Dalam konteks ini, program dan kegiatan P4M UB diarahkan kepada berbagai bidang usaha produktif yang dimiliki oleh UMKM dan menyediakan layananan bagi peningkatan inkubasi bisnis.

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