Each division in Institute of Research and Community Services – University of Brawijaya (LPPM – UB) has research and service center that functionally formed based on the requirement. Every center has its head.  Head of Functional Position Group for Research coordinates each research center, while Head of Functional Position Group for Communty Services coordinates each service center.

Service Center

1. Service Center for Intermediate Technology Development

Intermediate Technology Development Service Center, University of Brawijaya is an institution which takes a role in supporting the development of technology innovation & creativity for community, society of academicians and SME in various fields such as food, non-food and services.

The Field of Study:

        • Dissemination of Intermediate Technology
        • Intermediate Technology Services and Cooperation

2.     Service Center for Community, Development, and Empowerment (P4M)

P4M gives services in:

        • Simbermas (The Synergy of Community Empowerment; to develop community potention with cooperation with local government for improving the ability and capability of community.
        • Business Incubator
        • Development Program for Rural Financial (P2KP) Grameen Bank System, which helps housewife to have side business in order to increase rural economy.

3.     Service Center for Data Consultation and Processing

Service Center for Data Consultation and Processing of Brawijaya University has the objectives to:  

        • Provide services for need of survey, consultation, data analysis, system design analysis, and information system for stakeholders with integrated utilization of expert resources in University of Brawijaya.
        • Give consultation and training of electronic and integrated data processing
        • Give information service of cooperation between UB and stakeholders
        • Give information service of UB potention and recources

4.     Service Center for Student Study Service

Service Center for Student Study Service has the objectives to:

        • Serve Student Study Service Program done by students from faculties in interdisipliner
        • Serve the cooperation between LPPM UB with stakeholders (govenrment, private and community) in the development of human resources quality
        • Coach villages/administrative villages as the tenant of UB and stakeholders for implementing the result of research and science

5.     Center for Research Management Development

In general, the existence of Competitive Grant Program (PHK) at University of Brawijaya since 1999 has given good impact on performance quality at UB, especially for recipient unit of PHK. The impact can be significantly seen from various aspects, particularly on the funding structure. Other aspects are teaching, research, and community services. The Center for Research Management Development has the objectives to:

        •  Develop Quality Assurance System for UB autonomy
        • Integrate Good Practices of PHK I in improve 2000-2005 Strategic Planning to 2006-2010 and 2011-2014, Monitoring and Evaluation of Annual Strategic Planning and UB Self Evaluation
        • Reach the target of Academic program improvement (GPA, TOEIC score, length of study, curriculum competence based, student centered learning, tracer study, etc.)
        • Implement Performance-based budget
        • Improve qualification of Study program accreditation
        • Strengthen the competitive research of UB

6.     University of Brawijaya Business Incubator Center and Public Services (UBBIPS)

Based on UBBIPS mandate as the Rector’s tool to develop SPMI, UBBIPS has the vision to be famous institution in entrepreneurial education and university business incubator to support UB to be world class entrepreneurial university. UBBIPS has the following objectives:

        • To improve entreprenurial mindset of UB academics society in accelerating UB to be world class entrepeneurial university
        • To create and develop the model of entrepreneurial education and training for students and society to improve their entrepreneurial values
        • To conduct business incubation for students and society for improving regional economy
        • To increase cooperation and public services related to the development and implementation of business start up.

7.     International Publication Enhancement of Lecturers Scientific Works (PPIKID)

For contributing the improvement of image and rank of Brawijaya University as the World Class University through improvement of number, quality, and quoted index of scintific article of international publication from lecturers and students. The missions of PPIKID are:

        • To improve the ability and motivation of lecturers and students in publishing scientific article at international journal through training/workshop, consultation, help and incentive provision for article publication
        • To increase the number of online international scientific journal publication at University of Brawijaya community

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