In raising the issues to improve the quality of research proposals and services carried out by Universitas Brawijaya lecturers, on Thursday (31/3) the Perception Equation for Internal and External Reviewers of IRCS UB Grants was held by inviting certified national reviewers. The urgency of the meeting is to share equal perceptions to select the proposals to be funded by not only involving internal reviewers but also external ones.

“One of the strategic reasons we invite external reviewers from Legal Entity State University is to get magnificent and fair proposal review,” explained the Head of IRCS UB, Prof. Luchman Hakim when opening the meeting. Moreover, this Professor of the Biology Department handed over the assessment process to the reviewers who have to uphold integrity and not take sides. In the internal grant review, IRCS UB involves 15 Legal Entity State Universities.

Secretary of LPPM UB, Dodi W. Irawanto, Ph.D., in guiding this event conveyed the reference to the perception equation, including materials for the SIPP business process, and its guidelines. Further, the guideline for reviewing the research proposal was delivered by the Head of the Research Centre, Dr. Asep A. Prihanto, and for community service was delivered by Dr. Sugiarto. At this time, UB is in the process of reviewing 139 service proposals and 252 research proposals from various schemes that have passed the administrative verification stage.

As an important point in this activity, Universitas Brawijaya, which was recently ratified as a legal entity state university, needs to have higher qualifications in the selection process for the internal grants. Hopefully, with a good review process, the target of increasing the output of research activities, and community service, can be achieved by raising the issue of the sustainability process.