Dear Principal Investigators and Partner Researchers

(List attached)


Referring to the agreement of the Indonesian Collaborative Research Program (RKI) 2022, we hereby convey the requirements for second batch disbursement (30%) as follows:

  1. Principal Investigator Progress Report (attached)
  2. Proposal and Progress Report from Partner Researchers
  3. Expenditure Responsibility Statement (SPTJB) 70% (attached)
  4. Logbook
  5. Research Output

Please upload the documents to ( on August 15 up to 26, 2022.

Further, the monitoring and evaluation will be held in Gedung Graha Cakrawala Universitas Negeri Malang on September 2-3, 2022. The principal investigators, partner researchers, and the members are required to attend the monitoring and evaluation. Please confirm your attendance by filling out the form: