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Following up the letter from Director of Research and Community Service, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number: 3288/E5.2/PL/2015, dated December 31, 2015 and Number: 0056 / E3.2 / LT / 2016, dated January 7 2016, we hereby request for researchers to immediately upload your advanced research proposals for fiscal year 2016 through the SIMLITABMAS on January 25, 2016 at the latest. Please consider the following documents:

  • Covering letter [click here]
  • List of Advanced Researchers [click here]
  • Template for Statement Letter ¬†of Researcher Leader [click here]
  • Guide to Research Activity, 9 Edition Year 2013 [click here]
  • Rules and Explanation of Honorarium for Research and Community Services [click here]
  • Guide to SIMLITABMAS system operation [click here]
Upload Your Advanced Research Proposal for Funding 2016