Dear Principal Investigators of UB Internal Funding Research Grants 2022 

(list attached)

Based on the result proposal selection results of the Universitas Brawijaya Internal Fund Research Grant Program 2022, the consideration of values, input from the reviewers, and the results of IRCS UB plenary meeting, hereby we inform you the titles of the proposals that have passed the SELECTION and receive funding in the Research Grant Program for fiscal year 2022 at the Institute of Research and Community Service, Universitas Brawijaya.

For those who pass the selection, please immediately upload the revised budgeting plan and improve the proposal according to the reviewer suggestions. The approved funds can be seen in the account of each proposer in the main menu of the Review results at It is not allowed to change the Title and Partners that have been approved.

The due date to submit the revisions is on April 20, 2022 at Please select the menu of Revision Proposal and Revision of funds (based on the approved amount). If there is no revisions until the due date, we consider you have resigned from the grant program.