On Friday (22/4), the IRCS UB Internal Grant Contracts 2022 were signed. At that moment, 20 grantees represent hundreds of grantees from the HAPPU, HPU, HAPKI, HPP, and DM categories. Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation Dr. Bambang Susilo attended the occasion. In his speech, he hoped that under the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, we could synchronize research activities to get output and continue to BPU through DI2B for linking the downstream stage.

Internal grant receivers from IRCS UB have gone through a series of activity processes ranging from proposal submissions, assessments by internal and external reviewers, and plenary sessions as described in internal grant guidelines. All selection processes follow the SOP so that grantees can achieve the specified output targets.

After the contract signing, hopefully, the grant funds will soon be disbursed so that the realization of research and service will be on schedule. With the speed and accuracy of the process carried out by IRCS UB, the output accomplishment of research and service activities will meet the contract.