In preparing certified social researchers in Indonesia, the National Committee for Social Researcher Education and Certification under PT Metiri Aromata Tifa Nusantara, Indonesia Qualitative Researcher Association (IQRA), ESER Academy and Certified Indonesia Social Sciences Researcher Association (CISSRA), in collaboration with National Accreditation Committee (KAN) and LSP Quantum HRM International, hold CIQaR Certified International Qualitative Researcher Batch 29 on:

Day/Date: Friday, Saturday, and Monday, June 24th, 25th, and 27th, 2022

Place: online meeting

Time: 07.30 am – 5.30 pm Indonesian Time as stated in the rundown

Cost: Rp. 6.500.000,- (not subject to tax)

Benefit: Described on flyer page 2 (attached)

Account Number: 6155314633 MD. Riskia Putra

We invite you as researchers/lecturers/assessors/reviewers/consultants/Ph.D. students to join this program.



CIQaR Certified International Qualitative Researcher-Batch 29