The Socialization of Research and Community Service (RCS) Performance Data Collection was held on Tuesday-Thursday (9-11 / 2). As a follow-up activity, the Institute for Research and Community Service, Universitas Brawijaya (IRCS UB) held a Training to Input RCS Performance Data on Tuesday (16/2). This training is for operators who input performance data in all faculties and units related to Universitas Brawijaya. In inputting data, the assistance of the Research and Community Service Agency (known as BPPM), the Quality Assurance Unit (UJM), and the Government Agency Performance Accountability System Team (SAKIP)in every Faculty is very important in supporting data availability.

“This training is held to refresh the knowledge of the input officer to examine detailed supporting documents for each requested research and service data to obtain valid data”, explained the Secretary of LPPM UB, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, SE., M.Com., Ph.D.

Meanwhile, the Head of IRCS UB Research Division, Dr. Sc. Asep Awaludin Prihanto, S.Pi., MP, explained that research performance data needs to be checked for validity to obtain assessment points based on a predetermined value. At this point, the input officer is the spearhead in improving the assessment of research performance. “This research data is not activity-based, so all outputs in 2020 can be submitted,” said the lecturer at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences.

In contrast to research, service performance data must be linked to the title of the activity in the contract. Hendrix Yulis Setyawan, STP, M.Si, Ph.D., as the Head of UB Student Study Service who represents Head of IRCS UB Community Service Division, explained that more physical scanned documents are needed compared to research. And this of course requires extra effort in inputting data.

In the future, the input officer will be given a video tutorial in performing data entry on the LPPM UB website. As a reference for operators, documents that meet the performance appraisal criteria will be uploaded on the document sample menu on the LPPM UB website.