Monitoring Educators & Researchers in ASEAN (MERIA) 2018 is a mentoring program for twenty Ph.D. lecturers in every faculty and research center to write research output in the form of Scopus-indexed journals. This program is a cooperation between LPPM UB and International Centre for ASEANA Management (ICMA) supported by journal editors from Scopus-Indexed Journals.

The series of MERIA include 8 sessions, namely: 1. Introduction to Research, 2. Planning the Research Topic, 3. Writing the Abstract & Paper, 4. Research Forum for Pre-Conference, 5. Final Revision & Presentation, 6. Pre-Conference Presentation, 7. ICMAC 2018 Research Colloquium Bali International Conference (Compulsory) 8. Finalize Papers for SCOPUS Indexed Journals.

On July 18-20, 2018 there was MERIA Research Forum for Pre-Conference for the participants’ preparation to present their paper draft which had been written and consulted on the first up to the third session for 4-5 days for every session.

Head of LPPM UB, Dr. Bambang Susilo, in opening the ceremony explained University of Brawijaya in Number (the achievement in the world rank) to motivate the participants in improving research output in the form of Scopus-Indexed international journals. The speakers for this pre-conference session were Prof. Jhon Vong from National University of Singapore, DR Purnendu Mandal from Lamar University (Texas, USA), and Prof Guna, Institute of Advanced Research. It was also attended by Director of Innovation System, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, DR. Ir. Ophirtus Sumule, DEA, who presented a material titled Research and Publication for Our Nation Competitiveness.

Through this pre-conference research forum, the participants should prepare their presentation for the real conference on November in Surabaya (  Necessarily, they should revise and present for their final paper in the next 5th and 6th session in University of Brawijaya.