MERIA Research Colloquium (ICMAC 2018)

Monitoring Educators & Researchers in ASEAN (MERIA) 2018 is a mentoring program for twenty Ph.D. lecturers in every faculty and research center to write research output in the form of Scopus-indexed journals. This program is a cooperation between LPPM UB and International Centre for ASEANA Management (ICAM) supported by journal editors from Scopus-Indexed Journals.
In the sixth series of MERIA program, there was a research colloquium namely International Conference for Managing the Asian Century (ICMAC) 2018 with the theme: Innovations and Technology for Sustainable Development on November 8-9th, 2018 at Novotel Samator, Surabaya. The editorial panels were Dr. Fred Chung, Prof. Dr. Jhon Vong, Dr. Fred Chung, Dr. Cheh Goh, Gary Thong Kon Hong, and Eddy John Sng. The event was also attended by Dr. Jumai Appe, as the Director of Directorate General for Innovation Empowerment, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia. In his presentation on material titled The Importance of Research and Publication, he stated his appreciation and ready to help to improve the implementation of research scheme which supports innovation.
After writing the paper to be submitted in Scopus indexed journal on Meria research for preconference I the previous moment in Bali, the participants were asked to submit new paper drafts to be presented in this colloquium. The editorial panels’ comments and suggestions would be the input for revising the paper draft.
Dr. Fred Chung stated his positive appreciation to be inspired from research conducted by the University of Brawijaya. Further, Prof. Vong added that in every conference both participants and editorial panels learn new things and enrich knowledge. Especially for the Institute for Research and Community Services (IRCS) as the host for the University of Brawijaya, he stated his hope that the research result will give good impact to the community and there is a continuation.
Responding to the statements, Head of Research Division, Sugiono, Ph.D., stated his hope that University of Brawijaya Institute of Reseach and Community Services will continue the collaboration in another sector besides publication, that is a research collaboration in international level to support the university rank.