In building silaturahmi (brotherhood) within IRCS UB, all leaders and staff, on Wednesday (20/4) participated in the Employee Development delivered by Ustad Zainal Arifin, MAg entitled Towards the True Fasting. Head of IRCS UB Prof. Luchman Hakim had the opportunity to convey the importance of this event as a uniter. “So that in the future, hopefully the journey of staff and leadership in performing their main tasks and functions can be more blessed and brilliant,” he said.

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation Dr. Bambang Susilo MSc.Agr., who also had the opportunity to attend, added that he appreciates the blessings and brilliance at IRCS UB. “I support the IRCS’s civilized atmosphere, which is to fill each other shortcomings. Through friendship, love between IRCS UB residents flows stunningly and gorgeously. So that it can build a cooperative and conducive working atmosphere,” he added. This cooperative and conducive working atmosphere is certainly also supported by the work spirit of the leaders and staff during the fasting month.

Meanwhile, Ustad Zainal Arifin, M.Ag explained that during fasting, we must always be as enthusiastic as the Prophet. “This means that fasting must be filled with positive things,” he said. In this advanced era, the nature of fasting must be considered in-depth and comprehensively. “One of them, we are required to admit all mistakes by not lying to ourselves with the masks of hypocrisy,” he added.

In the warm atmosphere of tausiyah, Ustad Zainal explained tips on how we can bind Satan through fasting. That is to prevent five things that break the fast: lying, backstabbing, pitting, untruthfulness, and looking at the opposite gender with desire.

He also emphasized that the staff and direction of IRCS UB in this month of Ramadan should lighten their soul, home and office by reading the holy verses of the Qur’an as the main guide. “God willing, reading the Qur’an can give blessings for the implementation of IRCS UB services to the academic community of Universitas Brawijaya,” he concluded.