The IRCS UB internal fund for research and community service grants in 2022 is an important and strategic part to achieve the vision, mission and goals of Universitas Brawijaya in building this nation. As explained in the Socialization of Research and Community Service Guideline 4th Edition on Monday (7/3), the activity is addressed to develop science and technology, improve community welfare and the nation competitiveness.

Referring to the goal, the Head of LPPM UB, Prof. Luchman Hakim in opening this event explained how UB is highly demanded for its role to develop nation and community welfare. The status of UB as legal entity university will face strategic integrative challenges that we must solve together. Starting in January we are consolidating in preparing this grant, it will be launched as soon as possible so that the output and ranking targets can be achieved.
In terms of ranking, the Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Dr. Bambang Susilo, explained that the university IKU rankings are closely related to research and service activities as the main data contributor. The key performance indicators number 5 play a very important role in determining our ranking consisting of publications, patents and service. If we do our best in conducting research and service, this ranking will rise.
The explanation regarding this socialization material was delivered by the Secretary of LPPM UB, Dr. Dodi Wirawan Irawanto, Head of LPPM UB Research Center, Dr. Asep Awaludin Prihanto, and Head of Center for Community Service, Dr. Ssinggih Wijana. The official letter regarding the opening of internal grant funding for research and community service at IRCS UB can be accessed in