Spread worldwide and in almost all regions of the Republic of Indonesia, UGM Community Empowerment Learning – Student Community Service (KKN PPM) has developed its management with the paradigm of “Empowerment” and is research-based. This management is the core to be explored by the Universitas Brawijaya Student Community Service Team. The explored topics are participant requirements, implementation flow/procedures, location proposals, briefing, reporting, and assessment. In the discussion on Thursday (21/4) when the leadership of KKN PPM UGM visited IRCS UB, they also shared problems and breakthroughs in the implementation of KKN.

Led directly by the Director of UGM Community Service, Prof. Irfan D. Priyambodo, the visit from the leadership of KKN PPM UGM was a return visit of IRCS UB inspiration Study for Community Service and Student Community Service to UGM on Thursday (24/3).

During the visit, UGM revealed that one of the breakthroughs in the implementation of KKN UGM was to provide applications for local governments (agencies /non-individuals) to input data on recommendations for KKN locations. This application makes community service activities carried out in good synergy between UGM and the Regional Government. “This application makes the UGM community service program sustainable, and fulfills the target of community empowerment,” concluded Prof. Irfan.