Focus Group Discussion: To Read Malang Nowadays and the Future

In mapping the challenge, opportunities and potency of Malang District today and the future, Institute for Human Resources Development and Study (Lakpesdam) of Malang District Nahdlotul Ulama Committee in collaboration with University of Brawijaya Institute for Research and Community Services, held “Focus Group Discussion: To Read Malang Nowadays and the Future” on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 in University of Brawijaya Rectorate Building 8th floor.

The discussion was attention for the huge potential properties owned by Malang District for human and natural resources. Both of them should be guarded, maintained, and developed. LPPM UB as the institution in higher education who support community services facilitated this activity to improve the community welfare.

Further, the discussion also focused on the activity to read the strategic role of Nahdhotul Ulama for Malang District nowadays and the future by inserting the activity to search Malang leader profile in the future. The activity was in line with the mission of LPPM UB in improving human quality and identity of far-sighted leader candidates.