Student Community Service is the main of the Three Pillars of Higher Education. With the active role of students, Brawijaya tries to increase human knowledge and introduce appropriate technology, to optimize village potential. In 2023, there is a potential for more than 14,000 students to join the program within the framework of the Student Building 1000 Villages program in East Java.

The Rector of Brawijaya University, Prof. Widodo, (4/1) conveyed three goals for the implementation of Students Building 1000 Villages:

1) students will have practical knowledge in understanding society’s problems;

2) there is a boundless opportunity to develop science by collecting data in the community for further analysis using multidisciplinary theory, to build big data to be utilized by all parties in policy making;

3) there will be a sustainable synergy between universities, provincial and local governments, Military Resort Command, and Kemendesa in the process of village development by involving the industrial sector and other sectors.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of East Java Province Dr. H. Emil Elestianto Dardak emphasized that we can transfer a city as an agglomeration for development to mind. Digital technology can minimize human movement to the cities. It is the chance for the village to grow. Villages are not only processing natural resources, but also economic activities in the form of services and trade. We can prepare human resources by injecting knowledge through the MMD 1000 Villages activity. Hopefully, villages are more adaptive and responsive to change.