On Thursday (15/10), a Dissemination of Collaborative Research Results was held with the theme of Contributive and Competitive Research Development Synergy. The webinar which was attended by dozens of participants from the academic community of Brawijaya University and cooperation partners from local, central, state-owned enterprises and the private sector, was held to increase the contribution of collaborative research results.

At that event, the Chief Executive, Dodi W. Irawanto, M.Com., PhD., stated that the reasons for this webinar are to increase the contribution of academics and to bridge the academic community of UB and stakeholders, as well as convey the results of collaborative research in the form of a scientific format.

While the Head of LPPM UB, Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo., MSc., Agr, conveyed the importance of research results to be transformed into innovation by collaborating between research institutions and partners, such as Bappeda, related agencies, BUMN, BUMD and private companies.

Joined as the invited speakers, the Head of Balitbang of East Java Province Anom Suharno, SH., M.Sc., who presented “Contributive and Competitive Research Development Synergy Towards Advanced East Java” and Operational Director of PT. Pertani (Persero) Ir. H. Lalan Sukmaya, who presented “The Synergy of Contributive and Competitive Research Development”.

In his presentation, Anom Suharno said that one of Balitbang main functions is to coordinate and synchronize the implementation of research and development. Then, as implementation function, collaborating with universities. For example, the Village Food Stabilization Unit has been elaborated through the E-Warung program with University of Brawijaya.

Brawijaya University Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS, who opened the LPPM’s initial activity, appreciated the LPPM’s initiation in starting a culture of sustainable research through dissemination activities. “Collaborative research activities with local governments, state-owned enterprises, and the private sector often stop at the final activity report level. It is very unfortunate if the contribution of academics as experts in their fields is not concretely disseminated in the form of scientific works, “he said.

The professor who once served as Head of Business Unit at the UBBIPS emphasized that this activity be a culture. He added, “Scientific work is not only useful for academics, but also for the general public to see all kinds of potential that might be generated from these activities. So later the contribution of your efforts, time, and expertise in cooperation activities will be the first step in mapping expertise in Universitas Brawijaya. It also becomes a means of exchanging ideas critically with stakeholders so that these studies can become concrete forms of our contribution to the country, ” he concluded.

Apart from presenting two keynote speakers, 40 collaborative research results were also presented in a panel. Lots of collaborative research results will be published through indexed proceedings and manifested in various other forms of innovation in order to enrich research outputs at Brawijaya University.