IRCS UNS was the partner of IRCS UB in research collaboration and community service as the State Higher Education Institution of Incorporated Legal Entity (PTNBH). This collaboration became the focus of LPPM UNS in conducting FGD/Benchmarks between IRCS PTNBH on Friday (9/12).
The issue in the discussion was how to manage research and community service (P2M) as PTNBH. The management was from policy creation, implementation process, and financial reporting until output achievement. Further, in encouraging the acceleration of patents and publications, IRCS UB assisted the Journal Development Center, the Center of Scientific Publication, and the coordination of the Directorate of Innovation and Business Incubators (DI2B).
To improve the management of P2M through SIPP, IRCS UB also had the opportunity to dig up information regarding the updated version of the IT system as an effort to update P2M performance data for the university clustering and ranking. IRCS UNS was the initiator of the P2M management information system.
Hopefully, there will be further collaboration between IRCS UB and IRCS UNS in managing and developing the P2M management system at PTNBH, especially in updating P2M Performance Data in the framework of university clustering and ranking.