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UB Matching Fund (MF) Program under the coordination of the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation should bring the university to step forward in achieving strategic collaboration and synergy with the industry. In its implementation, the MF program prioritizes collaboration which gives contribution to accomplishing Eight Main Achievement Indicators (IKU). One of them is the lecturers’ work results which are useful for the community and internationally recognized. The works are supported with tools/capital materials/use materials/services obtained through a series of procurement processes.

To make sure the procurement processes follow the rules, IRCS UB held “Focus Group Discussions:  Matching Fund Procurement of Goods/Services in Universitas Brawijaya” on Thursday (8/9) in UB Guest House.

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo, MSc.Agr., while giving the opening remarks stressed that the MF program should run well. One of the indicators is to support the procurement processes as stated procedure in the financial guideline. “As the new university entering incorporated colleges, we should take a closer look and discuss the problems in the field. The goal is to avoid future financial findings,” he said as the 5th MF Batch recipient.

The FGD materials were Matching Fund Financial Liability Policy by Lulut Endi Sutrisno, SE., MAB as Secretary of the Directorate of Budget & Treasury; The Technical of MF Financial Reporting by Drs. Hadi Mulyono, MAP as Head of IRCS UB Administrative Affairs; Control Mechanism for Purchasing Goods and Services Purchases by Dr. Mohamad Khoiru Rusydi, M.Ak., CA., Ak as Head of UB Internal Supervisory Unit; and Goods and Services Procurement Policy by Arif Hidayat, S.Kom as Head of UB Planning Sub-Directorate.

The Secretary of the Directorate of Budget & Treasury in the discussion reminded the participants to be careful in budgeting usage. “You should only spend the materials entitled in the cost budget plan as have been approved by Dikti,’ he said.

About 87 participants such as principal investigators, administration staff, faculty procurement officers, and the IRCS UB team actively discussed in a fairly long QA session. The topics were the budgeting usage, procurement of services, procurement of consumables/capital materials, and the virtual accounts process through faculty. IRCS UB stated his commitment to have consultations related to the use/report of the budgeting to give the best service. Moreover, IRCS UB also shared the timeline and guidelines to MF recipients.[retna/lia]

Focus Group Discussions: UB Matching Fund Procurement of Goods/Services Must be Within the Rules

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