LPPM UB virtually hosted by the 2021 2nd International Conference on Innovation and Technology (ICIT 2021) on Monday (30/8).  The major goal and feature of ICIT is to bring academic scientists, practitioners, industry researchers and students together to exchange and share their experiences and research results about most aspects multidiscipline of science and social research, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted, in particular in responding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Head of LPPM UB, Dr. Bambang Susilo, describe that LPPM UB this year manages more than 300 research titles and more than 100 titles of community service. LPPM is also open to collaborate in research with village government agencies, local governments, ministries, NGO and private Sectors. This seminar is expected to be a forum for exchanging experiences, knowledge, and innovation for all stakeholders.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Aulaniam expressed her deepest appreciation for the keynote speakers Assoc Prof Dr. Eng. Muhammad Azis (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Dr Suku Sukunesan (Swinburne University Australia); Dr Yeoh Fei Yee (University Sains Malysia) and Professor Arifin Noor Sugiharto (University of Brawijaya).

“University of Brawijaya plays an important role in supporting sustainable development to various research finding and community service program” she said. Further, she explained that they are integrated in our roadmap including food & energy security, good governance, agroforestry, health, nutrition and medicine.

Professor Arifin Noor Sugiharto as the keynote speaker from Indonesia, share the perspective of bridging innovation to commercialization by giving the example of innovation of corn production. In present, he as the leader of Maize Research Center is doing the best effort to bring his enter into The National Science and Technology Center (PUI).