A Comparative Study from UNS IPRs Center

The center of IPRs Institute Research and Community Services University of Brawijaya successfully improved the total patent in University of Brawijaya and won the most patent in 2015. This achievement motivated UNS IPRs Center to have a comparative study on Thursday, Feb 8th, 2018 in order to expand the management of the university intellectual properties.

Head of UNS IPRs Center, Dr. Triyanto, stated that his division formerly was under the coordination of Institute of Research and Community Services. Recently, it is moved to business management agency in order to generate revenue and receive patent registration from both inside and outside the campus. The important point to be discussed is how the effort of the center of IPRs in University of Brawijaya to register and protect the lecturers’ intellectual properties and share royalties.

Head of LPPM UB, Dr. Bambang Susilo in receiving this study stated that not many patent in University of Brawijaya are earned in the form of royalty. Further, head of the center of IPRs in University of Brawijaya, Dr. Purwadi, explained all the efforts taken by the center and university in increasing the number of the patent. One of them is to actively persuade the researchers who have the potency to take out patents with the incentive support from university.

The result of this comparative study would be developed further to manage IPRs especially patent of UNS lecturers’ research results.