Pre-Annual Meeting: to Outline LPPM UB Work Program and Budgeting Plan in 2018

In improving the coordination and understanding between the Faculty Agency for Research and Community Services, research and service centers, by achieving the priority development targets and budgeting for research and community service activities, Institute of Research and Community Services – University of Brawijaya (LPPM UB) held “Pre-Annual Meeting: to Outline LPPM UB Work Program and Budgeting Plan in 2018” on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at Sahid Montana Dua Hotel, Malang.

The meeting was opened with the direction of 2018 program delivered by Head of LPPM UB, Prof. Woro Busono and Secretary of LPPM UB, Dr. Maftuch. Prof. Woro Busono stressed that University of Brawijaya has determined a mutual standard of research and community services. One of them is group based research which is called by study group and not research group anymore. Therefore, research group in the faculties should pay attention to the standard. To achieve the mutual standard, Dr. Maftuch, gave some stressed points to be discussed by every groups, namely: 1) Community Service concept and evaluation in 2018, 2) The Outlining Plan of Research Interest, 3)The Plan of Internal Research Grant, 4) Research Center Development Plant, 5) The Plan for quality of research insurance and SIPP activation, 6) Publication Development Plant.

The new programs outlined in this meeting are the mentoring to write articles, publication motivation, citation improvement and the license to have publication through SIPP, the quality and quantity development of Scopus-indexed publication and proceedings at LPPM and development of journal quality.

Hopefully, with the addition of the new programs, the performance of Brawijaya University in conducting research and community services will be improved by putting forward the expediency aspect received by the community from the university.