Call for Proposals: The Continuing of PUPT (PNBP UB Funding) for the Fiscal Year 2018

In implementing the program of LPPM UB in the Fiscal Year 2018, we would like to give the chance to researchers in submitting proposals to join competition of getting the continuing research fund with the following criteria:

  1. The grant receivers are researchers who haven’t got Kemenristek Dikti’s Grant in 2018 especially the second year and onwards
  2. The number of the grant from LPPM UB through PNBP UB is at the maximum 75 million rupiahs for each.
  3. The implementation of the program through competition scheme is determined by LPPM UB based on the evaluation standard stated in XI edition of research and community service guideline
  4. The research output must be based on the implemented scheme done by researchers stated in the guideline.

 Here is the time schedule.

NO. Agenda Date Place
1. Information for Calling Proposals March 19th, 2018
2. Uploading Proposals March 23rd – April 3rd,  2018
3. Desk Evaluation April 4th – 6th, 2018 Gedung Layanan Bersama, 6th floor
4. The Information for Desk Evaluation Result April 10th, 2018
5. Presentation of the chosen candidates from desk evaluation April 23rd -24th,  2018 LPPM 6th Floor
6. The Result of Grant Recipient April 30th, 2018
7. The process of Rector Decree establishment 20 April – 18 Mei 2018 Rectorate
8. Contract Signing May 23rd, 2018 LPPM 6th floor
9. Submission of Progress Report and 70% Fiscal Report September 24th-28th,  2018 LPPM 7th floor
10. Grant Implementation May 16th  –November 21st,  2018 Each Location
11. Progress monitoring and evaluation November 10th, 2018 LPPM 6th floor
12. Submission of Final Report and 30% Fiscal Report November 22nd – 29th,  2018 LPPM 7th floor

Please upload your proposal to the following link (please login to your UB email account)

Register here

For more information please contact Widodo Basuki, SPi (08123463052)