A Visit from Tanjungpura University: Focus Group Discussion on Frontier Thematic Student Study Service

For following up the discussion of Thematic Student Study Service at Frontier Village between Head of LPPM UB (Institute of Research and Community Services – University if Brawijaya) with Vice Rector IV (Cooperation) of Tanjungpura University, there was a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Frontier Thematic Student Study Service between Special Staff of the Vice Rector IV, Mr.  Muhammad Fahmi, MM. Ak.CA with LPPM UB team on Friday, May 5th, 2017.

This forum was opened by Head of LPPM UB, Professor Woro Busono. He stated that it is important to explore the frontier potency especially at Entikong, West Kalimantan. The exploration was a real program to support the effort of the President of Republic of Indonesia in building the front cover of Republic of Indonesia’s face trough Nawacita program.   A R Taufiq Hidayat, M.AgrSc, a lecturer from Engineering Faculty at Brawijaya University, presented a general overview of every district potency in West Kalimantan that important to be developed through the program. Further, Muhammad Fahmi, MM., Ak CA, explained about the frontier potency especially Entikong which rich with natural resources. Therefore, he stated that Entikong needs coaching to increase the economic level of the community.

Hopefully, LPPM UB could have a collaboration with Tanjungpura University in holding Thematic Student Study Service at frontier villages by exerting the experts and students from various universities.