A Courtesy Call from Tanjungpura University

Institute of Research and Community Services (LPPM), Tanjungpura University, conducted a courtesy call to Institute of Research and Community Services, University of Brawijaya, to get information on research and community service management system. It was a preparation for Tanjungpura Univertisy to be public service agency.

On February 5th, 2018, Head of LPPM, Tanjungpura University assigned the Bandahara Pengeluaran Pembantu (known as the staff who support the job of expense treasurer) and one of financial staff named Sumartini and Agus Yulianto, ST. to discuss some important issues in managing the financial system. They also asked how to manage internal research funding from the university after being public service agency.

At that moment, as Head of Research Division, to represent Head of LPPM UB, Sugiono, Ph.D., explained some internal program for research and community services funded by University of Brawijaya (not from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education). Further, Head of Administration, Sri Aminin, MAP., and Public Headquarters, Sri Purworini, SE, described financial and administration management. Moreover, they also explained the obligation to submit the financial report for every research and community service activity to LPPM UB although it is not required by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The financial report submission, they added, is a form of monitoring and evaluation for financial use based on the regulation from Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia.

In essence, good financial and administration management could support the effort to improve the performance of university on research and community services which is facilitated by the institute of research and community services.