A Courtesy Call from LPPM Unila

In research activity clustering by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, University of Lampung has been increased to “Mandiri” (Independence) cluster. Therefore, Institute of Research and Community Services of University of Lampung (LPPM Unila) holds a courtesy call to Institute of Research and Community Services of Brawijaya University (LPPM UB) in getting information and experience from Brawijaya University in managing research activity that has long been in “Mandiri” (Independence) cluster.

In the courtesy call in Friday, November 24th, 2017, Head of LPPM UB Research Division, Sugiono, PhD, said that Brawijaya University emphasizes on downstream and commercialization as the mandate of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in conducting research and community services. For achieving the mandate, LPPM UB in collaboration with Academic Enterprises (BUA) and the Center for Business Incubator. Besides, LPPM UB in synergized with the Faculty Agency for Research and Community Services supports the institution and lecturers performance. Responding to the explained topic, Dr. Hartoyo as the secretary of LPPM Unila asked the name of the top programs in Brawijaya University, the source of funds, and the management to be used as consideration in improving research activities in University of Lampung.

Hopefully, on the next agenda there would be a collaboration between LPPM UB and LPPM Unila in managing forest in Lampung as research and education facility.