Guest Lecture by Prof. Jhon Vong from NUS: Building International Classified Research and Publication

Institute of Research and Community Services, University of Brawijaya (LPPM UB), as the institution who manage research and community services in University of Brawijaya, should motivate the lecturers in improving the university reputation in research with the number of international publication as the parameter.

To improve the motivation, LPPM UB held a “Workshop on Management of Research Output in the Form of Journal and Guest Lecture by Prof. Jhon Vong: Building International Classified Research and Publication” on Monday, October 2nd, 2017 at Sahid Montana Dua Hotel, Malang.

Rector of Brawijaya University, Prof. Moh. Bisri, in opening this event, expressed his appreciation to LPPM in the effort of changing the culture of Brawijaya University to do research.

“The evaluation of remuneration nowadays shows that most of the lecturers’ activity is teaching. It is expected that next time the percentage of doing research would be higher than lecturing, which is 60%: 40%.”

He added, “To develop the world rank, Brawijaya University researchers are required to give output in the form of international publication and continue to product downstream”.

Prof. Jhon Vong from National University of Singapore (NUS) stated that the growth of international publication in Indonesia has shown rapid expansion. Further, in many sectors, Indonesia should explore its research to deeply develop the research output in the form or international journal.

In the lecturer session, he gave some steps, tips, and tricks in conducting research and get international publication for both lecturers and students. He stressed that the main motivation in doing research is to help a community. Since by doing research, we will get a solution to the problems faced by the community.

Head of Research Division, Prof. Widodo, in giving a closing remark stated that LPPM UB is ready to help the service of international publication through PPIKID.