Focus Group Discussion: To Draft Evaluation Instrument for Study Groups and Research Centers

In improving the institution achievement to support the number and quality of research and community service output, it was required to have evaluation instrument to measure the activity of study groups and research center in University of Brawijaya. Therefore, Institute of Research and Community Services – University of Brawijaya (LPPM UB) held “Focus Group Discussion: To Draft Evaluation Instrument of Study Groups and Research Center” on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 in Sahid Montana 2 Hotel, Malang.

The discussion was opened officially by Head of LPPM UB, Prof. Woro Busono. He stated that the research activities in study groups and research centers have been facilitated by the university through incentives. Hopefully, the support can improve the performance of research centers/study groups in making publication and be the center of science and technology. The performance evaluation, he added, needs précised and detailed parameters of quality assurance through some agreed indicators and written in an instrument.

From this discussion, Head of LPPM UB Research Division, Prof. Widodo, said that the revised evaluation instrument will be sent to Quality Assurance Center – University of Brawijaya to be checked its suitability.  Next, the instrument will be used as the standard to measure the performance of study groups and research center as a determinant to give incentives.