Discussion of Development Practices for Intermediation Unit (LPPM UB and CSIRO –Kemenristekdikti)

LPPM UB as the institute in University of Brawijaya, which manage research and community services, receives a visit from CSIRO team, Ministry of Research and Community Services (Menristekdikti), Jember University and Mataram University, on Monday, Feb 12th, 2018. The purpose of the collaboration between Directorate General of Innovation under Ministry of Research and Community Services and Australian Government presented by The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in developing Intermediation unit in higher education in Indonesia is to learn how higher education in Indonesia develop innovation through their intermediation unit.

Intermediation unit is the means of catalyzing innovation through developing more productive management between R&D – based universities and company and also industry who could use the research and development of higher education. Manristekdikti at the moment is starting to build intermediation unit at all over the university in Indonesia. Intermediation unit in University of Brawijaya is considered well established, mature and well operated as higher education with public service agency. These give the opportunity to the visitation participants such as Menristekdikti, Mataram University, CSIRO, and Jember University to learn from University of Brawijaya experience on how to pioneer, operate, and manage its intermediation unit sustainably.

In this visitation, Head of Research Division: Dr. Sugiono, Director of Academic Business Entities (BUA): Prof Gugus, Director of Non Academic Business Entities: Dr. Anthon, Head of ARISA Project: Prof. Hendrawan, and Entrepreneurial Incubator Agency (BIW): Dr. Anang Lastriyanto, gives presentation on the development of intermediation unit in University of Brawijaya and continued with the discussion. The presentation and discussion hopefully could improve the guideline for Menristekdikti to help other higher education in establishing intermediation unit. Through a project funded by Australian Government named ARISA, Menristekdikti and the team also conducted visitations to other universities such as Bandung Insitute of Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, and Gajah Mada University.