• International Conference on Green Agro-industry and Bioeconomy

    This conference is intended to inform and communicate to wider stakeholders aiming to increase awareness on the sustainable development in the circular bioeconomy context. This event will also provide a platform where local and international academia or researchers, policy makers, industry leaders, and other stakeholders to translate technology, exchange ideas, provide feedbacks, and help in developing guidelines for shaping a worldwide green economy.


(Indonesia) Pelaksanaan Monev Eksternal Penelitian DRPM Tahun 2017 Tahap II

Guest Lecture by Prof. Jhon Vong from NUS: Building International Classified Research and Publication

Indonesia Open University Visits LPPM UB in Studying the Management of Student Study Service

Pre-Annual Meeting: to Outline LPPM UB Work Program and Budgeting Plan in 2018

Village Financial System Workshop; a Collaboration between University of Brawijaya and University of Mataram at Pertides Forum